Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America
1836 North Rd. NE; Warren OH 44483; 330-372-1159

Celebrating 100 Years --- 1917 - 2017

Spiritual Offerings

Scheduling Church Events: The Official Church Calendar is maintained in the Epitrop's office.  Please see the Epitrop is you want to schedule a Parish function. 

There are many ways to donate to the Church.  Several are listed below.  

Sunday Altar Bread:
If you would like to donate toward the purchase of the Sunday Altar Bread for a specific date to memorialize a loved one, for an anniversary, for health and well being etc.  please see the Epitrop.  Father will say a special prayer that day for the person(s) or event during the regular service.

Sunday Bulletin:
If you would like to sponsor a Sunday bulletin via a donation or to memorialize a loved one, for an anniversary, for health and well being etc. please see the Epitrop.  The donation is to help with the publication of the bulletin.  If you want items posted in the Bulletin, please contact the Epitop.  See the Epitrop if you want the bulletin mailed to someone that is not a member.  A fee will be charged for mailing.  Emails can be sent for free.

Coffee Hour Sponsor:

If you would like to sponsor a coffee hour please see the Epitrop and to get on the Parish Calendar.  We always need sponsors. 

Holy Trinity Orthodox School Needs:
Please see the Bulletin Board for teacher or volunteer positions at the school.  There is an increase in enrollment and more help is always appreciated.

Sunday Donation Envelopes:
Please see the Epitrop for an Envelope membership number or if you are not a member.

Romanian Relief:
IOCC www.iocc.org

Wall Calendars and Prayer Books:
The  Parish wall calendars and Prayer books are available at the Parish in the hall vesitbule.  There are plenty of wall calendars available.
Material Gift Donation Letter:
The Epitrop will issue a letter for non-cash items that you donate to the church and need it listed for tax purposes.  IF you have a receipt for the item, please give that to the Epitrop so that it can be made as part of the Parish records.  If not, then please give the Epitrop an estimate.

Celebrating 100 Years --- 1917 - 2017