Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America
1836 North Rd. NE; Warren OH 44483; 330-372-1159

Celebrating 100 Years --- 1917 - 2017

Welcome to Our Museum
Welcome to Holy Resurrection Museum

Resurrection Romanian Orthodox Church (Invierea) was founded in 1917 as a place whereTransylvanian immigrants could worship together in their common language. Today, as Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, it is a melting pot of many cultures, with very few members and their children speaking anything but English.

Our heritage collection visualizes the transition from peasant of Transylvania to citizen of the United States of America--where, over the decades, the bonds of tradition loosened, and it became necessary to come to terms with change. Bearing witness to this need to move on is the rolled-up Romanian tricolor now resting on top of one of the founders’ plaques.

Our museum and library--each a work in progress--were established in 2004 by then-pastor Fr. Eugen Rosu.

The present heritage curator is Mary Popa, a member of the original museum organizing committee, who welcomes items that bring to life our church's past in Warren, Ohio.

The museum and library are open after every Sunday Liturgy and at other times by prior arrangement.

From Transylvania
From Transylvania
From Transylvania
Theodor Aman's  Roma Girl
Theodor Aman's Roma Girl
Theodor Aman's Roma Girl
Ladies Auxiliary 1930
Ladies Auxiliary 1930
Ladies Auxiliary 1930
From our library
Founding Document
Grigorescu's Caru cu Boi
Infant Ross Graveside
From Romania to America
From Village
To Work
To Family
  • John(d.)/Marilyn Besoiu
  • Patsy Cabuz (d.)
  • Mary Calugar (d.)
  • Christina Ciulei (d.)
  • Mary Corsatea
  • Susan Datish
  • Sylvia Florea (d.)
  • George Gania
  • Tom Hordobet
  • Eva M. Lucas (d.)
  • Melvina McCormick
  • Georgene Muresan (d.)
  • Dan Opritza
  • John Trotogott
  • Mary Popa
  • Octavian/Eleanor Popa (d.)
  • George Pulca (d.)
  • Mary Pulca
  • Joseph Ross
  • Mary Stan (d.)
  • Tom Streza
  • Psa. Anna Vintila (d.)
  • J.J. Craciun (d.) family
  • A. Morris (d.) family
  • Eli Stirbets (d.) family


Celebrating 100 Years --- 1917 - 2017